Monday, April 6, 2015


That's right, ladies and gents -- Cissa & Cira are coming back!

But now Cissa likes to be called Moxie, and Cira likes to be called Lize (rhymes with "eyes")

So what the hell happened? 

OK, so, long story short?  Life.  Life happened, people!  Lize was busy with her kids being in a Major Motion Picture, and then still being an awesome mom, homeschooling her boys, auditions for the #CorboBoys, and even moving about a week before Christmas one year! Oh, did we mention the dog?  Yeah, they got a dog, too!

Moxie was just busy trying to finish school (she didn't), then got a job, then got another job, then lost her job, and is still trying to find a job.

Life. It's Chaos, I tell ya!

But both of us missed writing, and cooking so we could write about it!

So after some Facebook messaging back and forth, we've come up with at least two more recipes for us to cook up and test for you!  Are you psyched, or WHAT??

We?  Are totally psyched!  Almost as much as you are! :P

So, stay tuned to this space, Folks -- Soon our latest Cooking with Chaos adventure will be a reality!

~Lize & Moxie